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How To Withdraw Money From Crash 100 Game ?

How To Withdraw Money From Crash 100 Game? As you all know that crash 100 is a gaming app where people play games to make money. In this article we are going to cover withdrawal issue and the correct way to withdraw money. So that you can credit your winning amount into your bank account successfully.


There are many games similar to the Crash 100 available on the internet where you can earn money. But a general issue in all the games is “WITHDRWAL ISSUE”. And so here it is in this game too. Withdrawal issue happens because of many reasons few of them are- high traffic on the website, Incorrect bank details provided, Terms and Conditions are not fulfilled etc.¬†

Here we will tell you how you can withdraw your money from CRASH100 game wallet successfully. If you are facing the issue every time whenever you process your money withdrawal.

Steps To Complete Withdrawal On Crash 100 Successfully

Follow the steps given below carefully so that you can receive your earned money into your bank account. Make sure that you have added your bank account details with the game application before processing any withdrawal.

1-Step: Open the Crash 100 app and navigate to the “MY” section.

How To Withdraw Money From Crash 100 Game ?

2-Step: Now click the WITHDRAWAL button given at the top.

crash 100 withdrawal button

3-Step: Select the amount from the options given as shown in the picture.

4-Step: Finally click on the WITHDRAWAL button as pointed here.

5-Step: Now go to the withdrawal history and check the status, If it is in process then wait  for few hours and your amount will be credited to your bank account soon.

crash 100 game withdrawal proof

How To Take Help In Withdrawal Issue From “Crash 100 Customer Support” ?

If you are facing any issue related to the withdrawal then you can take help of the customer care support through email.

There is only one way to reach the customer service by composing a email. Write down your query and issue and attach the relevant screenshot to it.

Crash 100 customer care support Email Address-

Withdrawal Proof

Crash 100 is genuine game because it gives you instant withdrawal into your bank account for the proof we have few pictures where it’s users are receiving their money regularly.

withdrawal proof of color prediction gaming app crash 100


Withdraw money from crash 100: It gives instant withdrawal but sometimes due to technical glitch or heavy traffic on website it gets fail to provide you your money. In that case you should wait for a while and try again. And users should make sure their bank details are correct. If there are issues continuously, they can email customer support at

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